Want to make and receive calls in Perfex CRM using Twilio? What to send Single and Bulk SMS? Now your can with the most compelling must have module for any sales team or business using Perfex cRM.Are you still logging your customer calls on spreadsheets?  One of the fundamental of building relationships with customers and business development is logging all your conversations in one location. Give you and your team the ability to keep a track record of all the calls made, and know when to follow up on opportunities. Create follow up reminders, and even assign call log goals, you asked for those updates so here you go, please leave a review if you want to see more updates. This is not a standalone addon, and only works as a module for Perfex CRM. Please do not purchase this module if you do not have the PerFex CRM. We welcome feedback to improve our products, and please leave a review if you like our modules it will motivate us.

  • Add a new call
  • Edit existing calls
  • Delete existing calls
  • Export call list
  • Log the duration
  • Create follow-up and get a notification when its due
  • Mark as important
  • Mark as completed.
  • Assign a contact (Lead or customer)
  • Overview report

Try the demo, view the attached screenshots.

  • http://prontoinvoices.com/admin/authentication
  • Username: CC@prontoinvoices.com
  • Password: ModqrgFOCP9D

We will support you on any issues with our module trust that, just send us a message, thanks for the support from the community.

Versions 1.0.6 Call Log 18/08/2020 improvements and new features

Version 1.0.7 call Log 22/08/2020 improvements and bug fixes

Verison 1.0.8 call Log 22/08/2020 improvements and bug fixes

Verison 1.0.9 call Log 27/08/2020 improvements and bug fixes

Verison 1.1.1 call Log 30/09/2020 improvements and bug fixes

Verison 1.1.6 call Log 19/01/2021 updates

Verison 1.1.8 call Log 01/02/2021 updates

Goals: In the module we have included an update to create goals for the number of calls for each staff, if you wish to use it please use the update goals module include.

Reminders: All follow up calls are saved in the calendar as a reminder, search for the extra tab “Call Log” in the contact or lead.

Leads:When u download the module you first need to unzip the package in the package you will find a another zip “Leads Call Log Tab.zip” this is the file that needs to be replace to allow the call log tab for leads, Perfex doesn’t provide a webhook for leads so this is a work around, please ensure you back up the existing file before you replace the existing. If you need help with this please contact us with your FTP details.

Steps to install or Updating Call log module for Perfex:

Steps to install or Updating Call log module for Perfex