K-Restaurant Mobile App is a complete solution for taking orders using mobile device, it has complete features that all restaurant needs.

K-restaurant is addon for Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System which you can have your merchant its own ordering application, in short is to make KMRS as single restaurant.The app connects tru json API.

Important: this is addon for Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System which uses the backend of KMRS merchant panel and connects using json API, it means you cannot run this as stand alone you need to purchase Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System in order for this app to work.


Online Easy Ordering

  • Food different sizes
  • Food can have multiple sub item or addon
  • Different attributes like cooking reference, ingredients, dish etc.
  • Mutiple food category
  • Including Tax, Delivery fee , Packaging charge etc.
  • Apply Tips
  • Real time notification for email and push notification
  • Facebook login available
  • Restaurant map with directions
  • Select address from map
  • Restaurant photo gallery
  • Restaurant Promos
  • Easy to translate to any language
  • and many more….

Payment Gateway

  • Cash on delivery
  • Pay on pickup
  • Offline Credit card payment
  • Offline Bank Deposit
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Braintree
  • RazoryPay
  • more to come….

Book a table

  • Easy booking table
  • Receive updates on your booking status

Firebase Clound Messaging

  • Customer can receive push notification about the status of their order

Live Demo

See the K-Restaurant Mobile App in action?

Download android APK File click here

Watch K-Restaurant Mobile App in action click here

Restaurant Backend Panelhttp://bastisapp.com/kmrs/adminCredentials : Username : admin Password : adminand go to Single merchant menu


In version 2.0 Razorpay plugin is disabled by default, if you need to use razorpayenabled it in your config.xml.to avoid any problems with single app make sure your kmrs is updated with latest version.

In version 2.0 single app menu is moved under admin panel instead in merchant panel


= 1.2.1 (01 March 19) =

fixed config.xml not compiling

= 1.2 (11 July 18) =

= 1.1 (6 July 18) =

= 1.0 (20 June 18) =

Initial release version