Piaf is a combination of good design, quality code and attention for details. We used Vuejs without JQuery as it is meant to be.

We used same design language for components, layouts, apps and other parts of the theme.

We tried to create a Vue.js admin theme that we would like to use ourselves so we listed our priorities. We would like to have a theme that is not over complicated to use, does the job well, contains must have components and looks really nice.

Hope you enjoy it!

  • Right Click Menu
  • Multi Language Support
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Two Panels Menu
  • IconsMind Webfont
  • 10 Color Schemes
  • 4 Dashboards
  • Lots of Components
  • 3 Applications
  • Dark Mode Switch
  • RTL Support
  • Video Player
  • Advanced Validations
  • Blog
  • Lightbox
  • Firebase
  • Glide.js
  • Video.js
  • Vue Axios
  • Vue Chart.js
  • Vue Calendar
  • Vue Contextmenu
  • Vue Autosuggest
  • Vue Awesome Swiper
  • Vue Headroom
  • Vue i18n
  • Vue Line Clamp
  • Vue Perfect Scrollbar
  • Vue Quill Editor
  • Vue Radial Progress
  • Vue Resize
  • Vue Router
  • Vue Scrollto
  • Vue Select
  • Vue ShortKey
  • Vue Simple Calendar
  • Vue Switches
  • Vue Dropzone
  • Vue Draggable
  • Vuelidate
  • Vuetable 2
  • Vuex
  • 01-Dashboard.psd
  • 02-Chat.psd
  • 03-Details.psd
  • 04-Library.psd
  • 05-ListImage.psd
  • 06-ListThumbs.psd
  • 07-Login.psd
  • 08-Mailing.psd
  • 09-Survey.psd
  • 10-RightModal.psd
  • 11-Profile-Social.psd
  • 12-Profile-Portfolio.psd
  • 13-Profile-Portfolio-Detail.psd
  • 14-Details.psd
  • 15-Coming.Soon.psd
  • 16-Knowledge.Base.psd

The applications and pages presented with Piaf is for demo purpose. They may not have full functionality. Piaf uses Vue.js and it needs to be compiled with Node.js and Webpack to run correctly. It also requires Npm to load necessary packages.


Version 5.0.1 – 06.06.2020Fixed an issue with surveys.Improved styles for inputs.Version 5.0.0 – 26.03.2020Added new colors.Implemented container-component structure.Updated packages.Layout improvements.Version 4.0.3 – 18.01.2020Packages updated.Small bug fixes related to menu.Small layout fixes for list pagesVersion 4.0.2 – 21.11.2019Updated Firebase to solve installation problems with Node v12 which is related to grpc package.Version 4.0.1 – 13.11.2019Updated to Vue CLI 4.Added blog, portfolio, profile, forgot password, faq, prices pages an so on.Improvements on validation.Layout fixes.Version 4.0.0 – 07.10.2019Added new details page.Made improvements on the menu.Version 3.0.6 – 03.07.2019Added RTL support.Version 3.0.5 – 16.06.2019Updated packages.Version 3.0.4 – 21.05.2019Updated Vue-Select plugin to latest.Version 3.0.3 – 28.04.2019Fixed style errors at slider and switch.Version 3.0.3 – 16.04.2019Fixed a problem with the menu.Version 3.0.1 – 11.04.2019Added core-js package.Version 3.0.0 – 26.03.2019Ported project to Vue CLI 3.Included an empty starter project.Included new pages: Mailing, invoice, maps and tables.Icon library organized and size reduced.Added route base code splitting.Version 2.0.2 – 02.03.2019Made some fixes on dropzone and content dashboard.Version 2.0.1 – 16.02.2019Encountered a problem that only appears on Mac, so we fixed it.Version 2.0.0 – 13.02.2019Removed frontend.Version 1.0.4 – 07.02.2019Typo fix with file names and a variable.Version 1.0.3 – 04.02.2019Api path updated.Version 1.0.2 – 30.01.2019Authorization pages scroll problem on smaller screens fixed.Version 1.0.1 – 20.01.2019Webpack settings modifed.